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I'm writing to let you know that I'm a fan of your Equine GutFlush product.  I bought this about one or two months ago just as a precaution. Hoping, of course, that I never would need to use it. 
Last week my broodmare, with a 3 month old colt, was displaying the usual symptoms; kicking hind legs into stomach, getiing up and down, biting her sides, etc. Looked like colic to me. I couldn't hear any gut sounds, walked her around, watered her down. Her abdomen was so swollen, you  couldn't see her ribs. 
I gave her the whole bottle of the Equine GutFlush product. Within 30 minutes she had what  looked to be a normal amount of poop. However, nothing more for an additional four hours. I called my vet who was out of town...she said to  give her a shot of Banamine, soak her feed in water, give her electrolytes, and psyllium. 
I was hearing faint gut sounds, so offered her hay soaked in water. Checked on her several times during the night, she was pooping all over the place.   In   the morning I counted 14 piles of poop!!! 

I don't know if it was the Equine GutFlush product, or a combination of Banamine, etc.  I  live in a rural area and there was no vet available. I felt comfortable using the colic product AND going ahead with traditional treatment as well. I have just ordered another bottle of Equine GutFlush. I think it's a wonderful product and will use again as needed.  Thanks,   Ruth

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We have been thrilled with the results of the Equine GutFlush for both our competition and breeding horses." It has saved many a horse including the broodmares during different gestation periods, we routinely give now after each foal is born as well- as we have had a mare colic after birth. Our stallion showed abdominal pain during a exhibition and we carry your product with the horses. He was given your product and he was able to continue in the show after he was back to normal."  -  C. Roselli

"Because of Pure Earth Products expertise and professionalism, I finally feel that I have a handle on my horse's care, maintenance and future." Thank - you for sharing your knowledge and will use Equine GutFlush's now in my maintenance program on a quarterly basis." -J. Bower

"I was so happy that I purchased your product in such a timely manner - My horse Cash had coliced the next day and the Equine GutFlush saved his life. I was able to help him immediately and he recovered immediately." -  L. Nelson

"Pure Earth Products and your Equine GutFlush will be in our barn from this day forward. You have opened my eyes to using a natural product that has been tested over years to do the same job vs. the drugs which I have always reached for first. I have used Equine GutFlush several times now and have always had the same successful outcome, I never travel without out it."  -M. McCoy

"My horse was saved by your product, we were out in a remote area riding and my horse started to colic. My friend Tammy carries your product in her saddle bag at all times. I was very glad she had it with her this day, as we were so far from anything, I was back in the saddle in an hour. My horse is alive because of your product. We are glad to know about it now and have it on hand if this ever happens again."  -D. Smith

Thank you for this product. I won't be without it anymore. I have had to use it three times now in the last few years and it works wonders.

Today's bout of colic started at 6 AM on our 26 year old gelding. We keep our horses in at night then turn them out on pasture each morning. This morning our old boy just wouldn't leave the corral. I pushed him out and went on to get dressed for work. Went I was about to leave for work some 45 minutes later our boy was back in the corral nickering to the other horses. So I called my husband to tell him something was wrong he said he had also pushed this same horse out before he left for work.

So I got out my vet kit and started my assessment on him and no left side gut sounds. So I gave him the Stop Horse Colic and then 2 hrs of walking him out. He had pretty good sounds again and it seemed to have made him hungry so I took a lunch break and gave him some hay and water. After lunch his gut was slow again with visible signs of biting at his belly so I put in in the backyard so I could see him eat green lush grass and poop. About 2 PM I decided to give him another dose of the stop colic stuff and after 45 minutes he seems to be much better. He is drinking good ( has drank about 5 gallons today and it is warm here. I would have expected s bit more water consumption. ) only one poop but that was before the second dose. I am watching him closely now but he seems to be feeling much better. We think he is out of trouble today.

Your product is what has gotten us through today, saved us a costly vet bill as well as the possibility of having to put this old guy down today. His time will come but at least it is not today. Thank you again for a life saving product. -PB, Colorado