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Horse Colic claimed over 4 MILLION horses, World Wide in 2015. Over 100,000 died in Montana alone in 2015 from colic! Let's help the horses and stop these needless pain of horse colic today!!  Equine GutFlush® will save your horse from the excrutiating pain of horse colic.

Be Prepared, Order a bottle now, instead of waiting until your horse is colicing and you are in a panic, and rush to the nearest western supply store to buy a bottle at $89.00, if the store even carries it.  Our product is $70 per bottle; buy 2 bottles and you have saved yourself $48.00, and you have an inventory now AND Peace of Mind in a bottle!  And shipping is the same whether it is 1 bottle or 10 bottles (USA Only).

Any time can be colic time in most areas, Purchase Equine GutFlush now. is offering savings for the horses!! Your Price of $70.00 per bottle and $8.50 PRIORITY Shipping - USA (unlimited bottles), International Priority Shipping $35.95 (limit of 3 bottles) and International Priority Shipping (Canada) of $25.95 limit of 3 bottles - Less than a vet call and no waiting or trailering your horse to a vet clinic! Saves time, money, gas & less time in pain for the horse. AND, neither you nor the horse go into a panic attack. You can breathe a sigh of relief! You have Equine GutFlush® in your medicine bag.  The best horse colic treatment available!  The order form is on the "home" page.

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Download this FREE ebook on Horse Colic Facts - you can also print it out to take with you to your horse barn.  You don't have to print the whole document - you can print certain pages. My gift to you and your horse(s)! Click on the photo.
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