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Equine GutFlush® is developed to work together with the horse's body.
Equine GutFlush®
is helpful in restoring:

*Gut Motility
*Normal gastro-intestinal function
*Promotes digestive support

As a general rule, herbs used as 'singles' are intended for more specific targeted corrective purposes, whereas consumer-ready formula blends (multiple herbs used in combination which is what Equine GutFlush®) are better suited for general consumer needs and uses. Even so, all formula blends are clinically-based multiplex preparations.

The formula(s) work to bring balance back to the intrinsic structure and functions of the body. They contain an herb's entire broad spectrum of primary, secondary and tertiary constituents and compounds, vitamins, enzymes and co-factors, and bio-active compatible minerals and trace minerals necessary for the development of healthy cells, sustaining healthy tissues and organs, and enhancing natural vibrant energy. Also, since alcohol, with its denaturing and inert rendering effects on many of an herb's extracted constituents and compounds, is never used at any time in the making of Equine GutFlush™ or any liquid herbal formula, all the broad spectrum of constituents and compounds retain their biological viability and intrinsic synergy, just as nature intended!

The active and supportive constituents, nutrients and minerals of Equine GutFlush® are like pre-digested compounds and go directly into the bloodstream and to the cells to do their work to properly enhance health and well-being. They are potent, consistent in efficacy and actually taste remarkably good for a liquid herb, all qualities unique to the Equine GutFlush® formula.

Equine GutFlush® can be used as an alternative when your equine / horse has abdominal pain/normal colic. Help may be on its way but reacting quickly to the situation can help your horse recover quicker. There is nothing in Equine GutFlush® that will mask any symptoms when you or your veterinarian check the equine's vital signs. Hopefully when the vet arrives, the pain will have subsided and the equine is back to feeling like a horse again - looking for water, wanting to graze, and will have passed gas or fecal matter. Gut sounds should be heard on both side of the abdomen with a stethoscope.

The product assists in giving quick control over abdominal pain within 30-45 minutes.

Equine GutFlush®
assists in reduction of:

* Relieving Intestinal Gas
*GI Toxicity
*Pain and discomfort
*Mild Anti-Spasmodic
The herbal formula blend that: Restores Gut Motility - Used since 1983 successfully.
oral application of Equine GutFlush® is all that is needed to pull your horse out of a painful abdominal /normal colic event.

Fast Acting - Proven Results

(Note: each horse is an individual and may take longer depending on the time the equine was found or drugs were given such as: Banamine; which slows down the motility in the gut. This seems to be the opposite of what you want to have happen when a colic episode is occurring.

Tested with 100% success rate in stopping cases of impaction, sand, gas and mild spasmodic colic and produced positive results in 30 minutes.  What are you waiting for - order at least 1 bottle today - be prepared for when a colic case appears at your barn/stable/ranch.  It truly is "Peace of Mind" in a bottle!

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