Gently Stop Horse Colic in 30 Minutes, No Stress on the Horse
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My one and only mission is to save horses' lives. That is why I have the lowest price on the internet for the horse colic treatment that works 100% on each horse colic case unless the horse has twisted its' bowel.  I know that is a BOLD statement, but it is true.

The bottom line is Equine GutFlush® (EGF) works.  Please do the right thing for your horse, and order at least one bottle now.  Be prepared for your next episode of horse colic before it happens, because it will at some point - for either you and/or your neighbor. 

I have testimonial after testimonial that the owners tells me that the vet suggested euthanizing the horse because he can't get the impaction to move out of the horse.  The owner obtains a bottle of Equine GutFlush, administers the product, and within 15-30 minutes the horse is back on its feet, pooping, and looking for food again.  EQUINE GUTFLUSH is an AMAZING product!

Order now, BEFORE you need it.

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Equine GutFlush® is an ALTERNATIVE to conventional horse colic treatment.  It works without drugs of any sort in a completely all-natural organic composition.  Equine GutFlush® is a liquid that  comes in 4 oz. bottle and is administered orally to horses us just like a wormer.  It has a tip on the bottle which can be cut off and makes it easy to administer, and the product tastes good too, so no fighting the horse to administer!  You can also pour it into a syringe and administer it that way.

The Equine GutFlush® formula targets one specific negative effect of horse colic until each one is repaired and the episode is completely stopped.


First, as you know, gut sounds are caused by the spontaneous movement of the muscles layering the walls of intestine as they move matter or gas within the bowels and the scientific name for this movement is motility. This scenario begins, as motility is returned to the bowels within 15-30 minutes, after the colic product is ingested, which is the average time we arrived at through testing and feedback!
At point of ingestion with Equine GutFlush®, the process:  Assists in Reduction of: Intestinal Gas, GI Toxicity, Pain and Discomfort, and Mild Anti-Spasmodic and is Helpful in Restoring: Gut Motility, Normal Gastro-Intestinal Function and Promotes Digestive Support. As each process ends, within the same time frame, anything contained in the bowels is being gently pushed forward as the body of the horse and the processes in the formula work together to stop the episode of horse colic within an average testing time of 30-60 minutes, after the colic product is ingested.

NOTICE:  If you should fail to hear returning bowel sounds in 45 minutes and/or see no relief of the clinical signs of horse equine colic after one hour, a Vet exam will reveal that your horse has a more life threatening condition than just a classic case of Impaction Colic.  The product cannot and will not correct a twisted or telescoping bowel.  It also will not work on stones, gravel, or heavy amounts of sand.

These statements and or claims we or anyone else have made on this website, in our ads and/ or on our product label, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended, nor to be sold for treatment, to diagnose, cure, mitigate and/or prevent a disease in equines.  That said, Horse Colic isn't classified by the Association of Veterinarian Medicine as a disease, it's considered a happenstance or condition.

Equine GutFlush® is a safe, alternative product with 100% natural ingredients* and an incredible 3 Year+ shelf life. It's ready to work for you and your horse or equine when you need it the most.


It immediately goes to work to gently stop horse colic in 30 minutes, although up to 1 hour may be needed to end light cases of Sand Colic.  YOU WILL ACTUALLY HEAR bowel sounds return within 15-30 minutes.

Then, the fully functioning bowels begin to gently push the semi-liquid impaction, disbursed gas, sand and dirt safely through the intestines and expel them harmlessly out the rectum.  The wonderful thing is, that all this is accomplished without causing your horse any trauma, stress, or pain and WITHOUT DRUGS OR SIDE EFFECTS OF ANY KIND.

Many horses have actually been documented to have returned to competition in the arena, show ring, or race track only hours after the horse colic episode has ended!


Although this may be new to you, already there has been hundreds of bottles of Equine GutFlush® sold around the world.  There are letters from devoted clients who have first-hand experience with the life-saving power of our horse colic product.

These clients were once skeptical too.  They were in fear of colic just like you are, but they overcame their fear the first time they witnessed EGF work, exactly as we have claimed.   Now you will NEVER catch them without a bottle of the Equine GutFlush® close by.

Can you really say you are happy with the current conventional methods of treating horse colic, by running a tube down into their stomach, pumping a gallon of mineral oil in, and waiting 24 hours for the oil to come thru in their poop, and then when it doesn't, your options are to put the horse down or do a surgery that is going to cost you thousands of dollars and the recovery time is quite extensive, and knowing that the horse could colic again, after spending all that time and money for care?

Herbs are the original go-to source for health and wellness, going back thousands of years. Before land was divided by fencing, the soil was depleted, and horses were limited to homogenized patches of grass and bales of hay, horses took care of themselves by eating a wide variety of vegetation, including many herbs.

Today, an increasing number of individuals are recognizing that herbs as alternatives to horse supplements can do amazing things. But, as with any product, (and especially one that's consumed), quality is everything when it comes to effectiveness.

That's why Equine GutFlush® offers only the very finest quality herbs for horses, precisely formulated and powdered for maximum concentration and absorption. The lab that manufactures our products is a fully documented cGMP/HACCP compliant operation and is part of what makes their manufacturing operations 'Lab-Grade' based in its standards.

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